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  • Newport News, VA

    Pest Control Plans

    Our licensed pest control experts practice the latest in integrated pest management  which in turn creates a safe, specific and successful program with the least amount of impact

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  • Newport News, VA

    Termite & Insect Treatment Plans

    Any successful treatment plan must first include a careful inspection of attic and crawlspace areas. Applications of baits and or insecticide dusts or liquids should be well mapped

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  • Newport News, VA

    Insect, Termite and Rodent Damage Repair

    Often times pests are just a nuisance, and if taken care of in a timely manner pose no further issues. But there can be instances where they may

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  • Newport News, VA

    Termite & Insect Inspections

    The first stage to any pest control or termite treatment plan is thorough and careful termite  & insect inspection of the premises to determine proper identification, infestation size

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Pest Control Services

Pest Control, Treatments, Repairs, Dehumidifier & DryCrawl™

Atlantic Exterminating of Virginia has over 25 years of professional termite treatments, pest control treatments, and insect and fungus damage repairs for both residential and commercial properties. Have your home or place of business inspected by a professional today.

Wood Destroying Insects & Organisms

General Pest Control Services

Our Partners

Landmark Property Services

Land Mark Property Services, Inc. is a full service residential and commercial property repair and restoration company.
LPS provides its customers with assistance from the evaluation and planning phase of the project though every step until completion. There is no need to “shop around” for various companies to handle the different stages of the repair or renovation. Landmark Property will help answer all your questions to ensure you get a better product.

American Mold & Restoration

We go beyond cleaning, and ensure proper containment and removal of mold growth which is key in preventing further spread and contamination of the air with mold spores or toxins.
AMR follows a specific plan when assessing an issue, beginning with an evaluation, into the remediation phase through the completion of the project. AMR offers a free mold evaluation to homeowners, potential home buyers, landlords, or property managers.


The professionals at DryCrawl, can assess your situation and devise the best solution for your particular issue.
During the process waterproofing and complete sealing are needed, shielding from moisture, and pests such as termites. “DryCrawl” a trademarked insulation product, protects against termites, especially when used in conjunction with a termite barrier before the installation of the encapsulation. This is a positive aspect of encapsulation and is a must in areas where termites are a widespread problem.