CockroachThe American Cockroach is famous for also being called the waterbug or the Palmetto bug. Adults are usually 1-2 inches in length (34-50mm) and a reddish brown color. Both the Male and female American Cockroach are fully winged and are moderately good fliers but prefer to run when disturbed. Male and female American Cockroaches are about the same size and look very similar.

The American cockroach egg capsules are mahogany brown and about 1/3 inch long. American Cockroaches generally live outdoors but have but can also move indoors and live in human structures. American Cockroaches are commonly found in moist, humid environments, but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water. Indoor populations tend to forage outdoors during warm weather.

Likewise, during the winter months, populations established outdoors will venture inside seeking moisture and warmth.

American Cockroaches are known to carry infectious bacteria on their bodies and in their gut. Bacteria commonly associated with American Cockroaches are known to cause food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea in humans. American Cockroaches also produce allergens on their bodies and have been implicated as a cause of allergic dermatitis and childhood asthma. A single roach can reproduce up to 800 offspring in one year, so you can imagine how quickly these infestations can spread. Cockroaches spread bacteria and disease from unsanitary places like sewers and garbage to food supplies, dishes, utensils and kitchen counters.


Treatments for Cockroaches vary and should be determined by a licensed Pest Control and Management Professional. While getting rid of roaches may seem tricky, the first step to any cockroach control treatment program would be a thorough and careful inspection of the premises to determine proper identification, infestation size and location, conducive conditions, and areas of entry.

A complete cockroach remover treatment program may include an exterminator working to physically remove the cockroaches, exclusion or proofing, and an application of insecticides or baits. Monitoring and follow up inspection/treatment is essential to a successful Integrated Pest Management Program, and to ensure you can be successful to get rid of cockroaches.

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