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WHO WE ARE Wolf Spiders a common household pest especially in the fall, as the temperature outside drops, they may invade your home in search of warmth. Commonly found around windows, house plants, basements and garages, these spiders do not spin webs but rather roam at night hunting for food. They range in size from…

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Powderpost Beetles are second only to termites as destroyers of wood inside homes. There are four species: Lyctidae, Cerambycidae, Anobiidae, and Bostrichidae. While these look different, they damage wood in a similar fashion. These beetles bore under the wood and lay eggs in the wood pores. The eggs hatch into tiny grubs which feed on…

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House mice usually invade your home during the fall months because as fall approaches their food supply of plants and seeds are gone. Mice venture inside in search of food, building nesting areas nearby in debris like piles of leaves or stacked firewood. Keeping this debris from accumulating around your home and using thick weather…

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