The first stage to any pest control or termite treatment plan is thorough and careful termite & insect inspection of the premises to determine proper identification, infestation size, and location, conditions of the environment and areas of entry.

A careful termite & insect inspection by a licensed pest control expert is essential to determining the nesting sites, moisture conditions, and damage caused by the pest. Any successful pest control program must include a careful inspection of attic and crawlspace areas. External environmental issues such as gutter cleaning and tree branch removal are pertinent to achieving accurate termite &insect inspection results.

It is recommended for clients to not discard a dead termite or insect specimen, enabling a pest control experts to examine the particular insect to ascertain the species as an important part of the inspection process. Having this termite or insect specimen available can be helpful in determining the proper treatment plan. So whether you are in need of a termite inspection or are seeking to rid your residence of insects, call a professional to have one of our licensed pest control experts and management professionals inspect and evaluate your situation.