Wolf SpiderWolf Spiders a common household pest especially in the fall, as the temperature outside drops, they may invade your home in search of warmth. Commonly found around windows, house plants, basements and garages, these spiders do not spin webs but rather roam at night hunting for food.

They range in size from one half inch to two inches in length, are hairy and brownish gray in color. These spiders have four large eyes, with the two rear eyes facing sideways and the two adjacent eyes facing forward. They also have four small eyes giving them excellent eyesight for hunting. Females will carry their offspring on their backs in an egg sac and when the spiderlings hatch she will continue to carry them on her back.

Despite their intimidating appearance Wolf Spiders are not poisonous but some people will have an allergic reaction to their bite.

To control spiders our pest extermination specialists will spray insecticides to get rid of the insects the spiders are feeding on. The building perimeter, both the inside and outside are treated, as well as spraying around windows and doors and in corners, the proposed site of entry. This approach is effective in helping to get rid of spiders for the season. Contact Atlantic Exterminating fora full list of our pest control services.

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