Yellow jackets like all wasps and bees are typically beneficial

Yellow Jackets

However, when they nest close to or in a structure they can become a problem for people and/or pets. They can be very aggressive if you come near their nests and they will attack.

Their diet consists of mainly insects but they are also attracted to human food, especially sweets and meat. A Yellow Jacket colony will remain active for only one summer and after that the fertilized queens will leave the colony to start more colonies. The remaining workers will die at the end of the summer and the nests will be abandoned after this point.

Yellow jackets can range from 5/8″ to 1″ in length and are either yellow and black or white and black. They usually nest in the ground but they can also be found above ground in voids in walls. These colonies are largest in size during the fall and the workers are often found foraging for discarded food around our trash cans or looking for insects in bushes.

Because yellowjackets can be very aggressive please do not attempt the wasp removal or the destroy the nest yourself! A Pest Control Specialist will need to determine the exact location of each nest and properly identify the species, usually done during daylight hours. Then after carefully marking the location he will return at a time more suitable to get rid of the wasps and apply treatment, usually early morning or at night. The pest control specialists at Atlantic Exterminating are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in wasp exterminating.

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